Post-LASCBWI: A More Detailed and Coherent Post and Gallery Coming Soon…

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

It was quite a weekend! I had a portfolio consultation with Lauren Rille of Simon & Schuster, I got a peek inside Judy Schachner’s world and process, I saw how Peter Brown and Aaron Becker make their illustrations, I heard inspiring and insightful words that filled in the places where puzzle pieces were missing in my psyche,  I was offered a spot in an illustration critique group and more after talking shop with a fellow illustrator on the shuttle to the airport, which brings me to having seen old friends and making news ones!

I’d love to tell you more right this very moment, but I’m sick as a dog. Assuming that the dog is, in fact, sick. I’ve never really understood that phrase. Take the damn dog to the vet already. Anyway, I need some rest so  can gather my thoughts and upload some of the images that were in my portfolio.

I do apologize for the state of my gallery. Website help was one of the things I was seeking this weekend and the only thing I didn’t really manage to find. My newer, finished images will be up within the week.

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