The First Warm Day

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Out of the blue, the weather turned nice again here in San Jose. It’s about 65F right now, sunny and a tad breezy. Being the opportunist that I am, I’ve gone around the house and opened as many windows as possible to exchange stale, germ-infested air for good, clean, fresh air. I don’t mind that there’s a break in the cold/chilly temperatures, or the rainy/overcast days, but I get the feeling this might not just be a break.

This has me concerned.

Now I can hear you folks in the Pacific NorthWet, the Frozen Mid West, and my SNOMG buried brothers and and sisters back East screaming for my head right about now, but bear with me. The reason I’m concerned is because this could bode poorly for summer. We had a mild one last year and we might pay for it this year. Why do I think this might be the case?

Sting is bringing me lizards. In January.

I’m pretty sure the lizards shouldn’t be awake and running around just yet. Sting isn’t complaining, though, it gives him something to do, but… And then there’s the birds. I’ve been hearing that cranes or herons have been spotted locally already, and they’re standing around with their wings out just a bit. Not all tucked in against themselves from the cold.

A warm and bone dry summer.

My thoughts turn to stringing up some sort of semi-opaque shading for the pool and suggesting that the roommates either scale back on vegetable gardening to conserve water, or that they assemble partial shade in some areas to prevent scorching again. This also means our a/c will run a lot and the energy bills will be high, unless we find other ways to scale back energy consumption to balance things out.

It’s nice to have advance notice, or at least hints, from nature about what to expect. In the meantime, I’ll plan and enjoy having the windows open while I get over this cold and get back to inking.


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