Life Turns on a Dime!

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Sleep deprivation, while difficult on the body, seems to do wonders for my mind. The right side of my brain, more specifically. Usually, the left side of my brain, which I personify as the nuclear physicist I’m certain I could have been, if not for the fact that the right side of my brain is pretty much GIR from Invader Zim.

Anyway, GIR has had a lovely couple of days here, driving my meat puppet self around. Most notably, he’s had fun flicking the switch back and forth that controls my energy level, but he’s also accomplished useful things. We are very close to having NeverNever done and much development progress for the novel(ette) has been made. If not for the physical setbacks which kept me from attending a life model drawing session and the need to be able to do paper work on occasion, I’d be happy to run like this for a large percentage of the time.

GIR manages to also surpress any bits of anger and resentment I otherwise harbor and allow to get in the way of actually working, so I was already in a pretty darned good mood today from the creative burst when I received a piece of email.

From the gallery in Berkley.

I have been accepted into the upcoming “Cartoon and Humorous Art” show!

GIR completely flipped out and dragged me downstairs to have hot chocolate and a banana! And then a tuna sandwich with relish, because we had not, in fact, had a real lunch today. Meanwhile, the physicist sat back with a smile on her face, drumming her fingertips together, very happy with herself for having done the necessary paper work and all that ensured our entry to the gallery arrived on time. She has since had thoughts of resurrecting the resume so that the show can be added, as well as last year’s grant for the printer. GIR continues to knock over test tubes and boil beakers full of things that have no business being boiled, but it’s been a few days of this now, so the physicist doesn’t seem to mind anymore (Heck, it’s an excuse to repurpose the house and design data that’s been gathering via HGTV to redesign the lab anyway.) and besides…

It’s time to celebrate!

This is the first show I’ve ever entered and I got in. How awesome is that? I was happy just to have had the guts and fortitude to try!

Anyhow, shameless plug time, here’s a link to the gallery! The dates are April 2-June 10th, so if you’re in the area, do drop in!

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