No, no. I’m too busy to be dead.

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Those of you not yet following me on Twitter or G+ who’ve sent me a message via LiveJournal, or by some other means, I assure you I’m fine! I took a bit of a break from blogging and LJ, and I tried to ease up on FB and reduce my social media involvement down to mostly Twitter, but then there’s that whole G+ thing…

Anyway, I’m fine, just busy, and nothing terribly deep to say in all that time.

I do have a few bits of news that I can share, some of it vague, because I can’t divulge all details, but some of it I can now point to and say, “Go look at this!” Like this:

Nickelodeon Dance

And this:

Let\'s Cheer!

My first bits of professional voiceover work! What I can’t tell you is what’s happened in regards to that career path since those videos went live 2 nights ago. Whoo, boy.

Before those went live however, I participated in a themed life-drawing event in San Francisco that was a part of a show at SOMArts. ( WARNING! Some of the imagery is VERY naughty! Some is just silly, like Ron Jeremy’s bronzed underwear!) My good pal Della Calfee has a couple of images in the show, 2 of which are being used prominently in the print adverts and on the web site. Anyway, they kept 2 of my drawings for display with the show and a critic in attendance took pictures of them! No idea if she tweeted them, or what yet.

But before that, I received word that the first chapter of the middle grade readers’ book I’m writing was selected as the winner for the only scholarship offered for an intimate, seaside writers’ conference out here. Admittance, room, and board are all covered, as is the fee for a manuscript critique from one of five faculty members (authors, agents, publishers) of my choosing. The top three slots are occupied by agents who represent author/illustrators, the other two slots are publishers (Big thanks to Ursula Vernon for her assistance in making that decision, and to Susan Taylor Brown for making damn sure I entered the competition!).

Have I mentioned that this all happened in the last six days?

There’s a part of me that has me looking over my shoulder, because it’s convinced that Allen Funt has risen from the grave and will jump out from behind a bush any minute now and shout, “Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!” It’s been an incredibly surreal week. I’m honestly not sure just how much more awesomeness I can take just now! Mind you, I’m not adverse to finding out…

In all of this… With all of this going on… I am pleased to say that the house we’re renting here has not sold out from under us and is now off the market until some unspecified date that will be determined by the end of the rainy, winter season. Sometime in March, I would guess.

It is amazing to me how The Powers That Be are always trying to prove to me just how Not Subtle my life will always be. I’m grateful that they’ve finally chosen to show me that a pile of really good stuff can happen all at once, too. Nice change of pace.

If you’re seeing this on WordPress, visual changes will soon be occurring. As for overall content, I’ll be writing more about lots of stuff and posting more drawings soon, like my forays into Corel Painter, bits about voiceover goings-on, writing, and yarn work. There will also be articles and interviews, some of them via links, but hopefully some of my own doing in the future.

Take care! I’ll post again as soon as I catch my breath!

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