Make with the Sketchin’ Already!

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Finally got some basics set up through WordPress. The title of the new blog, as it stands, is Sketch, Knit, Dub!  I’ve got some visual tweaking yet to do, but let’s break in this new thing here, shall we?


Yesterday, I saw this, and it got me to thinking.*  I’ve been drawing NeverNever for awhile, in a specifically requested way, and Doemain before that in a way that was toony and quick.  They look similar and are, when need be, elegant and detailed.  However, they lack a certain depth, mainly in the eyes.  And yeah, I could stand to have my eyebrows slapped off now and then.  So, I popped open SketchBook Pro.

Meow, meow, meow!

I apologize for these being a bit fuzzy.  I sometimes forget to zoom out when I resize the window and end up with a high-res sketch that’s reeeeeally teeny! My bad.  But in a few minutes, I had some rather cute results.  I like the eyes and I like the mouths on the left and center kitties, but I’ll be working more on making the head structures more solid and real, and a bit less squash and stretch.  I guess the word I’m looking for is refined.

This quickie exercise was done on the ModBook and, you know what?  Maybe I’m not ready to part with it yet.  I’m gonna give it a little more time and see how I feel.  It is nice to be able to scribble around in the mainspace of the house with other people now and then and it does allow me to take work on the road when I need to.  I think the main reason I’d thought to see it was that I’ve been in a sketching slump. A slump which seems to be finally ending.

I think, especially now that I’ve got an easier way to post images, you’re going to see more sketch work and stuff from me.

*Well, first I thought, “WOW! OMG TRACY BUTLER IS AMAZING!!!”  And then I though, “That is the happiest looking grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever seen.”


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